Do your part: Help the homeless


A movement is afoot in Houston, Texas to encourage the public to help those less fortunate.  Individual citizens are taking up the cause of helping those less fortunate than they, as in the case of educator, Andre Blanchfield.

In cities around the country, homeless people are positioned on street corners asking passersby for help of some kind. These people are referred to by the National Alliance to End Homelessness as those who do not have a regular place of residence.

According to the website of the nonprofit organization, Feeding America whose employees work to feed the hungry, they state, “Although these individuals and families strive to secure adequate income, many are often unable to meet their own most basic needs, let alone find the time, transportation, education, and other resources needed to improve their situation.” (2011)

The numbers of homeless people have increased over the past years due to unemployment, foreclosures, lost wages, underemployment, substance abuse and mental illness. (Bureau of Labor Statistics , 2011)

Homeless people need water too…

This is where you, the public, can help.  There is much that you can do. One example would be to buy a case of water and give each homeless person you encounter a bottle of water. There are other alternatives.

The people at the Don’t Almost Give website publish a list of sources that the public can use to be of help throughout the year.  Visit their donor website.

Otherwise, take a stand, do something, help the homeless in March.

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