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The Case of the Broken Soles

Replacement Please!

Shoes that broke

Source: Abiiba Howell

Upon buying my Bruno Valenti strappy sandals a few years ago, I was elated that they were so comfortable. The shoes were just the right height for casual days and they matched a few outfits and purses really well. I can easily recall the three times I’ve worn them.

While planning a trip and deciding what to take along, It was only natural that these shoes would be great to pack for walking around all day. The soles are soft and the leather straps would allow my feet to breathe without getting hot. After selecting a few outfits, on went the shoes. They fit as perfectly as when I’d bought them.

Then, as I walked into the other room to look in the full length mirror, I heard “pop”… “Oops, what was that?,” I wondered. Looking around and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I continued to the mirror. Another noise, this one from the bottom of my left shoe. I lifted my foot thinking I’d stepped on something, but nothing was on the floor.

My broken Bruno Valenti shoe

Source: Abiiba Howell

As I took the final steps towards the mirror, the rear half of my left shoe did not quite move with the front of the shoe. I stopped, lifted my foot and looked at the bottom of the shoe. To my surprise, the shoe sole had separated in half with a piece of metal sticking out of it. “WTH?!?” (What the heck?…)

I quickly removed the shoes to discover that, not only did the left shoe break apart, the wrapping around the lower side of the heel was breaking off.

Metal in broken shoeAlso, what I thought was wood under the heel covering, was some sort of soft material that appeared to disintegrate when touched; it was even sticky. The sole on the right shoe was a little better, though it had cracked across the width of the shoe.

Now I’m thoroughly disgusted and want to scream at the top of my lungs, “BRUNO VALENTI, I WANT A REFUND!”  Wait, let me change that. “BRUNO VALENTI, I WANT MY STRAPPY SANDALS, (Number 14127137, Size 10 – US Size, Made in Brazil) REPLACED!” “NOW!”

Replace my broken shoes please

Source: Abiiba Howell

I’m on a mission now to get my shoes replaced. I need your help. Please send me your thoughts on how I can make this happen. I refuse to buy another pair when these were clearly defective.  I don’t remember where I bought them, just that they are extremely comfortable. Any shoe companies out there with a line on Bruno Valenti shoes? My research starts now!

Oh yes, for those of you who may think that I broke them, not a chance… listen, I really don’t weigh that much. Yes, I’m almost six feet tall, but my frame is small and I don’t eat enough meat in a year to cause my shoes to break.

On with the research and the help of my friends. After all, a girl’s got to have comfortable shoes… strappy ones at that.

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