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The Tech Revolution

Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology

Many uses for technology  The world of reporting, as we have known it, has changed tremendously in the past decade. Due to the growth of emerging technology, the use of photos, infographics, videos and interactive elements now provide a more pleasing and comfortable user experience, thereby transplanting the often redundant and wordy paragraphs formerly employed by journalists.

To assist them, writers and reporters are using cellular phones, which have video capabilities, like the iPhone and android (alternative) devices, to capture footage in the field. The iPad and other tablet computers allow greater display sizes and the versatility to speak “face to face” with someone via applications like Skype, in real-time. These capabilities allow for greater speed in relaying information and the opportunity to enhance the story with images and video, while providing a more personal experience.


According to the people at Mobile Active, mobile technology is a great tool for linking local remote areas with the larger villages in places like Kenya. Because access to computers and satellite towers are not as readily accessible, reporters (journalists) can shoot their video, add text and then upload the story when they leave the dropout areas. The story does not always have to wait.

In the motion picture industry, the uses of mobile technology are vast. Assistant Directors can edit and upload call sheets electronically on their tablets and store the information on a website for crew members to log in and download without having to print the document. They can use their phone devices to text, email and write blogs using applications such as WordPress.

Camera Assistants can load applications to their tablet which would allow them to document the shots, takes and scene numbers, while using a device, such as an iPad, in place of a motion picture standard slate. The job becomes both simplified and more efficient. One example is the iPad-compatible application, Movie Slate, which offers a full display sized movie slate that, when loaded, shows a keyboard for adding needed information.

In the role of Producer and Director, mobile devices can provide viable avenues for the real-time completion of location scouts, casting sessions, script revisions, budget approvals, hiring decisions and much more. Apps such as GPS, calendar planners, text editors and storyboards allow unprecedented flexibility and adaptability than ever before fo0r these roles.

For a motion picture Key Makeup Artist and department head, the timely reading and completion of production paperwork and keen attention to continuity issues are fundamental to maintaining a top-notch makeup department.  Tools such as tablets and phone devices allow for quick, on-the go, on-location and on-set documentation that can be transferred easily, thereby enhancing productivity.

When conducting classes to help others in the motion picture industry, emerging technology, such as tools for promotion via mobile devices and tablet devices (iPads and androids) has made it easier to teach, as well as promote the courses via social networking and promotion sites.

Overall, journalists and anyone working closely with the public would do well to include mobile devices in their repertoire of tools and perhaps, pleasantly discover along the way that small packages can provide big delivery, when maximized.

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