Stunts: A Look Behind the Scenes

The horror cult classic, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that left audiences perched on the edges of their chairs in 1974, is rumored to be preparing a sequel.  Although some of the original cast members will return, it is the stunt players, according to stuntwoman, Jody Haselbarth,  that performed most of the daring and dangerous work.

In describing herself, the petite stuntwoman says, “I am a natural athlete, I have a strong background in dance, bareback bronc riding, gymnastics and bull riding.”

Haselbarth, who is a former member of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), has been a  member of the Houston Stuntmen’s Association since moving from wrestling to stunts over thirty years ago.

Although she has not yet received a call to work on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, she is happy to share her experiences from the original one.

Joining her is longtime friend, and stuntman, Oscar Carles, who “got started just out of high school after learning some things from a friend..”  The two recall a stunt at the one hundred year old Texas house that was a major player in the 1974 movie.

Happy to share the activities behind the scenes, Haselbarth offers sage advice.

Whether you choose to rent the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre or wait for the latest sequel, one thing is for sure, there will be plenty of stunts behind the scenes.

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